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We are known for our exquisite and innovative designs. We specialize in logo design, album artwork, single artwork, web design, web development, mixtape cover design, social media optimization, color grading, 3D modeling, 3d rendering and more!


We take pride in being internationally known and have clients from all over the world. This includes clients from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Germany, France and many more. Our art has a very diverse & multicultural reach.


Art begins with a vision and we know how important your brand is to you. Plan for the future by utilizing our imagination for your projects. We know how important creating a unique & memorable brand is in this new visual driven world.

single mixtape cover


snoop dogg merchandise design weed 420 lion guru

Snoop Dogg Merchandise

single cover artwork crush dropjaw

CRUSH – Dropjaw

single cover artwork self worth

Self-Worth – Joey Capo

Mixtape Cover Design

The mixtape cover design industry changes frequently and we stay on top of current trends while putting our own unique twist on every client’s project.

Logo Design

Your company’s visual identity is essential and branding your company properly starts with a lavish logo and color palette.

Web Development

Having a professional quality web design will help you gain more visitors and result in more conversions.

The graphic design industry changes often and we take pride in knowing how to adapt to trends. Our process will bring your visuals to life with imagination & creativity. It’s important for us to put our own twist on every client’s mixtape cover. We are proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4d, After Effects, and many others.

Our artwork is known to grab people’s attention and we always stay ahead of the crowd. You can view our previous mixtape cover designs, album artwork, and logo designs
in our portfolio. Mixtape covers are vital to your marketing campaign and we are the company to help you with that! Making sure you purchase a quality mixtape cover design is crucial for helping you grow your audience. Nowadays the internet is crammed with oversaturated pictures and it’s often hard to separate what you want to click on as a consumer. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your mixtape cover is really eye-catching. While we focus on mixtape cover art and logo design, we also dabble in designing flyers, t-shirts and other merchandise for music artists and record labels.

In the current disruptive era, gathering attention requires a lot of creativity. Brainstorming, designing, and executing marketing campaigns to produce measurable results is what we do best. We are committed to being on the cutting edge of design. With number of successful design-driven companies, it is clear that design-driven culture has led to innovation

We try to create every mixtape cover design with our client’s success in mind. Our mission is to provide the world with professional, unique, and vibrant graphics. We’re doing amazing things over here and the industry agrees. We’ve had the pleasure of working with influential clients in the entertainment industry and we are looking to expand that list daily.

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